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Hey fellow book lovers!!! Welcome to Day 1 of my Starlight Saga Blitz!! Today, we talk about Book 2, Under Sunless Skies. Tuesday and Wednesday we will have special features thanks to our fantastic author Sherry Soule and our kick ass protagonist Sloane Masterson! I hope you enjoy all of the festivities and don't forget to grab your copies of both Lost in Starlight and Under Sunless Skies! Also, feel free to show our author some epic love at:

True love is hard. And a doomed relationship with epic trust issues and shady secrets? Even harder.

For Sloane Masterson, her forbidden love with Hayden Lancaster has been a series of highs and lows that is overly complicated by those annoying interstellar dating laws.

But once Sloane discovers a shocking family secret, she won’t let those lame rules get in her way—she’s on a mission to win back her hybrid!

Too bad convincing her stubborn ex that they belong together isn’t Sloane’s only problem…

After receiving creeptastic blackmail messages, Sloane’s life becomes a real-life horror movie. And as if that wasn’t bad enough, Hayden slimes her with smelly ectoplasm and freaky mutants start tracking her every move. Insert one more major disaster…the unexpected arrival of Sector Thirteen.

If she hopes to survive all the crazy with Hayden at her side, Sloane needs to expose the blackmailer and get that potent residue off her skin—fast. Because with Sector Thirteen’s monsters hunting her, Sloane’s not going down without a fight, even if that means trusting the one boy who broke her heart.

*This series is intended for upper-YA readers, has lots of steamy romance and campy humor, and is not considered hardcore science fiction.

My Thoughts:

The Cover: What an awesome cover. Our feisty heroine peeks out over handsome Hayden’s shoulder. It is a dark and mysterious cover, but since we have read Lost In Starlight Book 1 of this series, we know that Sloane is definitely more snark than dark!

The Plot: Under Sunless Skies was definitely action packed and very enjoyable. It moved along quickly, keeping me guessing what would happen next. There were many unexpected plot twists and mega bombs. But Sloane's quick wit and dark humor kept me giggling and I really loved the excerpts from her blogs. She can write for me anytime!!

The Characters: While I loved all the character, even the questionable ones like Hayden’s little brother, Zack, I have to admit that Sloane kind of confused me this time around. Was she so in love with Hayden that even Xavier's hand grenade of an announcement went right over her head. I mean, Hello, wake up girl!! Maybe it was the beating that she was on the receiving end of at the time, but I think Xavier's earth shattering proclamation about my boyfriend, the love of my life, would bruise quite a bit more than Xavier's fists. And the heartache would last a bit longer than the headache. Xavier was an awesome villain who would have left me shaking in my boots.
Hayden is still driving me crazy because, although he is a very well written character, I just don't feel he's good enough for Sloane. Either be with our girl or quit wasting her time and breaking her heart.

Is it Worth Reading?: Yes, it was fun to catch up with Sloane after what felt like an eternity. I love her humor and quirkiness. I am not a huge romance fan, but the epic mystery aspect definitely had me glued. And the steamy romance was, well steamy for a YA. I really enjoyed Under Sunless Skies and look forward to Moonlight Mayhem, but I do hope that Sloane finds her brain in the meantime. I highly recommend this series to readers of YA sci-fi, drama and romance and give it 4 out of 5 crossbows.

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