Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Ennara and the Book of Shadows by Angela Myron

Ennara and the Book of Shadows (Ennara, #2)Genre: YA Fantasy, Magic, Adventure
Release Date: October 31, 2014
Publisher: Patchwork Press
Format: ebook
Series: Ennara #2     
Sources: Netgalley/Publisher

Goodread Synopsis:

When strange accidents start happening around thirteen year-old necromancer Ennara and her friends, she must search for the mysterious stolen artifacts causing the attacks while learning the highest form of magic--the spells that could prevent the fruition of a terrible prophecy.

My Thoughts:

The Cover: This book has an absolutely beautiful cover. A Pegasus being chased by a scary looking dragon. Very colorful, just like the original cover. An exciting cover that could be taken right out of a graphic novel if the author chose to publish it in that form.

The Plot:  Wow, what a return Ennara and her friends make. Even better than the first book. The plot was even more intense; I literally finished this book in 2 days again. Again, very well written, Ennara and the Book of Shadows had great pacing, great descriptions, and very well crafted battle scenes.

Characters:  I was a little worried that this book would be absent a few friends from the last book. So, I was very happy to have the gang back together, plus a new friend. The characters were all very well created and it’s nice to see them all growing both in personality and their abilities. I liked that Ennara works closely with her aunt and uncle on this one. I also really like the new member of their circle, but I won’t divulge too much info. Don’t want to give any spoilers.

Is it Worth Reading?:  Oh heck yes!! Like I said, even better than book one. I highly recommend both Ennara books for great adventures and am totally hooked, looking forward to Ennara and the Silver Throne. I give Ennara and the Book of Shadows 5 out of 5 crossbows.

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