Tuesday, April 4, 2017

The Immortal's Unrequited Bride by Kelli Ireland

The Immortal's Unrequited Bride(Assassin's Arcanum #3)

A love that endures beyond death itself…

Ethan Kemp is a healer, not an assassin. But he's found an unexpected home in the Irish stronghold that houses the Assassin's Arcanum—men who will kill to protect their Druid brethren. Too bad there's a ghost that won't give him peace…

Centuries in the grave, Isibéal Cannavan has longed to be reunited with her beloved. Finally, he's returned to her. She'd recognize Lachlan anywhere, even as an American warlock called Ethan. But her path to reuniting with him in the land of the living runs through hell itself, and she'll have to take Ethan with her…

My Thoughts:

The Immortal's Unrequited Bride was definitely not what I expected. Whenever I get my hands on one of these romance novels, I always know I will have more than enough of the sappy love stuff before I am finished reading the book. And that I would immediately need a hard core dystopian, sci-fi, or horror.

Well, did I say Kelli Ireland's newest Harlequin Nocturne novel was not what I expected? There was definitely sex, well-written sex, for sure, but it wasn't every time he looked at her or every five seconds he removed his shirt and she lost her ever lovin' mind. The storyline was intense (and I felt dragging in spots), the characters, or critters were awesomely fantastical and nightmarish, and Kelli kept us on our proverbial toes from the first ghost whisper to the bitter end. And end it did. The action and drama continued right until the very........ sudden end.
I am not saying The Immortal's Unrequited Bride is not worth reading, on the contrary. But don't go into it with your usual Harlequin expectations. I loved the story, the characters, the nightmares, and setting and recommend this to Harlequin readers. I give The Immortal's Unrequited Bride 3 out of 5 crossbows (Ethan can use them to kill the raptodactylmons)

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