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Season's Greetings, A Parish Mail Short by Kira Snyder

Season's Greetings, A Parish Mail ShortSeason’s Greetings, A Parish Mail Short by Kira Snyder

Release Date: November 19, 2013

Publisher: Coliloquy, LLC

Format: ebook

Pages: 320

Genre: Seasonal, YA Fantasy, Paranormal

Series: Parish Mail

Sources: Publisher

Goodreads Synopsis:

Celia Macarty is eager to enjoy her first New Orleans Christmas, but school has barely let out for the holidays when she learns that mystery never takes a vacation. Using the clues on a Christmas card from 1933, Celia must unravel a supernatural riddle that takes her all over festive New Orleans—and deeper into her family’s past. As Christmas Eve draws closer, shady community secrets come to light, and Celia enlists an unlikely ally to set things right.

With the help of her witchy best friend Tilly and a trio of to-die-for suitors, Celia navigates a mystery and, in the process, her heart. Because in the Crescent City, Christmas is a time of enchantment and surprises, and a little romance might be Celia’s best present of all.

Celia’s latest Parish Mail adventure is an active fiction title from Coliloquy. Your reading choices will help Celia solve the crime!

My Thoughts:

I have loved Kira Snyder’s Parish Mail Series from the first book on. But I think she has outdone herself with the Christmas short, Season’s Greetings. This book came at a perfect time because I really needed a good dose of the Christmas spirit and Season’s Greetings delivered!

We find our friends Celia, Tilly, Luc, and Donovan preparing for Christmas. You wouldn’t think Celia and Tilly could have a mystery to solve what with all the good cheer and joy. But there is still a beautiful Christmas card asking for help in the stack of letters our girl Celia found in the tree mailbox.

As usual, the story line of Season’s Greetings is terrific, again allowing the reader to make choices in the story and affect the outcome. The mystery was intriguing and entertaining. I loved having the choice of who Celia worked with to solve the mystery and I must confess, I went back and made different choices, just to see the differences. I really can’t make up my mind whether I like Luc, Donovan, or Sloan better. The supporting characters are always very well-written-Celia’s mom, grandmother and grandfather, Tilly’s aunt.

I give Season’s greetings 5 Christmas stars. I had missed the Parish Mail series and look forward to the continuations of the series. But I definitely recommend the entire Parish Mail Series to readers of YA paranormal, suspense, mystery, and romance.

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