Saturday, April 3, 2021

Through the Eyes Of the Soul by Sophie T. Henderson

Synopsis taken from Amazon

Psychologist and hypnotherapist Sophie T Henderson shares an anthology of her most revealing and unconventional cases. Through The Eyes Of The Soul places the reader alongside Sophie in the therapist's chair, making them a part of real-life healing sessions. All of these stories are based on cases that highlight phenomena that call to society for more acceptance of the untraditional. Through this book, you will read about past lifetime regressions that proved to be therapeutic. Henderson worked in neuroscience research before dedicating herself to therapy in 2006. She has been practicing ever since.

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The Cover: 

The cover for this book is absolutely beautiful. A blue and green butterfly graces the cover with some simple written text for the title and author name. Just a really simple yet sweet cover. I would have picked this book based on the cover design and title.

The book itself is a very interesting read. Stepping out of my usual novel coverage, this book just sounded great from the synopsis. I really did enjoy it. Some of what Sophie said rang true with m, beliefs that I actually share. Some I had thought about but wasn’t really sure how the ball landed on the issue. Some of it was things that I hadn’t really even thought of. I had always wondered about what interesting stories might be revealed behind those doors and this book shared some awesomeness.

Sophie is genuine and her care for her clients is wonderful to see (and read). I hope anyone who goes into that field has the compassion that she shares. It is interesting that Sophie worked in neuroscience research before practicing psychology. Normally, science does not lead to metaphysical phenomena. Thank you Sophie for sharing a look into the mystical things occurring in your occupation. I highly recommend Through the Eyes of the Soul and give it 4 out of 5 crossbows.