Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Parish Mail Feature This Week!!!

Dead Letter Office, Parish Mail 1Hey Guys,

Hope summer has you chilling like a villian and enjoying some great reads. Don't forget about the Coliloquy Summer Reading Challenge, which offers not only some great prizes, but the first book free of several awesome series, like Georgetown Academy, which I am reading now. Or the first book in the Parish Mail series, which I will be featuring on my blog this week. I actually wrote these at the times that I read the book, so they are not in my super cool, easy to follow format, but they get the point across--which of course is, read them!! They are amazing; I am such a junkie!! 

Please find the info for the Coliloquy Summer Reading Challenge here:

Unfortunately, I am having some family issues at home, health-stuff for another family member. So, this is not going to be a great time for reading for at least this week and possible next; I definitely will not be reading as much as I normally do. Hopefully, those illusive medical answers will be found in the next few days and the problem can be taken care of. 
So in the meantime, please enjoy my Parish Mail reviews, consider giving them a read yourself, and have many adventures both in books and in real life!! I will miss you guys, but I will be back, promise!

Happy Summer Reading,

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