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Day 3 Special Guest Post “FRIGHT NIGHT BABBLE” - #StarlightSaga

Guest Post “FRIGHT NIGHT BABBLE” - #StarlightSaga

Thanks for joining us on Day 3 of the Starlight Saga Blitz!! I hope that you have enjoyed this special feature and grab your copies!! See you soon fellow book lovers!!

Today author, Sherry Soule has some exciting news to share with us. Her Romantic Comedy series, the Starlight Saga, has a new book out.
To help promote this epic love story, Sherry is doing this guest post to share the news with fellow booklovers. 
Posts from the Haven Gazette’s “FRIGHT NIGHT BABBLE” Column

Hey there, Grinning Gremlins!
These campy horror flick tropes make me wanna throw popcorn at the screen!
Why whenever teens go camping or venture into the spooky forest, the writers usually have the same boring stereotypes? Like the big-breasted chick, the jerkwad athlete, the wisecracking black person, the geeky dude, the nice virgin, and the hot male lead.
Wanna predict who survives this lame fest? The “Final Girl” or virgin, and sometimes her boyfriend, but not likely. Although, it could turn out like Cabin in the Woods.
Just once, I wish a Black, Latino, or Asian character would be the lone survivor. Or any race filmmakers include to have the characters more ethnically diverse.
This next cliché deserves a double eye roll. Why do the characters say, “Let’s split up, gang!” And why do these allegedly smart people always think it’s such a brilliant idea?
Everybody knows the bad guys are lurking nearby, but still someone’s gotta stupidly exclaim, “We’re gonna explore that pitch-dark area over there, while you guys check that less dark and scary place, and then we’ll meet up later.”
Just rewatch episodes of Buffy, the Vampire Slayer and count how times the group loses each other, or Scooby-Doo, where Shaggy and Scooby are split up in every episode. Blech!
Peace, love, and horror flicks,

Hey there, Grinning Gremlins!
This cliché is just a craptastic schlock-fest…
Why are the humans always considered the good guys, and aliens are the evil baddies that crash-landed on Earth to wreak havoc?
There are some good stories with the opposite scenarios, like Superman, District 9, Avatar, and Transformers, where the humans are the major jerkwads.
Then there are those evil extraterrestrials that are always trying to attack our planet because of some valuable resource that no other rotating rock in space seems to have. Or for some reason humans are just special snowflakes.
And what about the tropes that alien races aren’t ugly space invaders? That most aliens resemble humans because of a comparable evolution. Eh, whateves.
I guess I could believe a few Martian-like anthropologists might be stationed on Earth to study humans.
And those rumors about aliens having secret hybrid offspring secretly living among us?
Nah. Too cliché.
Peace, love, and horror flicks,
We hope that you enjoyed this post. Now go feed your mind and read a book!
Book Information:
ISBN: 978-1514192115
Genre: Romantic Comedy with a Sci-Fi concept
Series: Starlight Saga / Book #2
Release date: July 18, 2016
Publisher: Disenchanted Publishing
Book Blurb:
Volume Two of the Starlight Saga
For Sloane Masterson, being in love with Hayden Lancaster has been a series of highs and lows. Plus, some rather sucky consequences…like those annoying interstellar dating laws. But Sloane’s not gonna let a few lame rules get in her way. She’s on a mission to win back her man.
The big problem with that?
Hayden’s beyond stubborn. Overly protective. And majorly frustrating.
When Sloane discovers a shocking family secret, it thrusts her back into Hayden’s dangerous and mysterious world. Yet, she’s not the only one hiding things that could destroy the fragile bond between them. There’s something Hayden’s not telling her, too...
After a harrowing escape from freaky mutants, dodging an attack from a psycho stalker, and receiving a bunch of creeptastic messages, Sloane’s bizarre existence becomes a real-life horror movie. Add the unexpected arrival of Sector Thirteen, and Sloane doesn’t know who to trust anymore.
If she hopes to evade her enemies and protect those she loves, Sloane must get over her epic trust issues before those evil baddies catch up to her. And time is running out…

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