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Violet Grenade by Victoria Scott
Publication Date:  May 2, 2017
Publisher:  Entangled Teen

DOMINO: A girl with blue hair and a demon in her mind.
CAIN: A stone giant on the brink of exploding.
MADAM KARINA: A woman who demands obedience.
WILSON: The one who will destroy them all.
When Madam Karina discovers Domino in an alleyway, she offers her a position inside her home for entertainers in secluded West Texas. Left with few alternatives and an agenda of her own, Domino accepts. It isn’t long before she is fighting her way up the ranks to gain the madam’s approval. But after suffering weeks of bullying and unearthing the madam’s secrets, Domino decides to leave. It’ll be harder than she thinks, though, because the madam doesn’t like to lose inventory. But then, Madam Karina doesn’t know about the person living inside Domino’s mind. Madam Karina doesn’t know about Wilson.


Victoria Scott is the acclaimed author of eight books for young adults. Her novels are sold in fourteen different countries, and she loves receiving fan mail from across the world. Victoria loves high fashion, big cities, and pink cotton candy. You can find her online at

My Thoughts: 

The Cover: What a twisted cover! A riot of violets, the only color on the cover, grow from a grenade. Holy contrast, soft and pretty covering hard and violet. Really does speak for our protagonist, Domino.

The Plot: Violet Grenade has a very unique storyline, I believe. It walks the line in some very sensitive subjects. This could happen anywhere, which brings the reader in even more. The author invokes the whole gambit of emotions in the reader, from sadness and anger to love and joy. I felt like our story was almost timeless, just a girl trying to live her life, who just keeps getting the raw deal. 

The Characters: All of our characters were well written and relatable. Even our villains pull some level of sympathy from you. Of course, Domino and Cain were my favorite. I found it kind of hard to get a read on Domino for the first chapter or so. But I think that's the persona that she had adopted, the tough, untouchable exterior, that hides the vulnerable girl inside. I love that all of the main characters had whole personalities, with flaws and broken backgrounds. 

Is it Worth Reading? : Definitely!! It was an amazing story, with joyful parts and parts that make your cringe or cry, sometimes both at the same time. I highly recommend Violet Grenade and give it 5 out of 5 grenades!

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