Monday, October 14, 2019


Endurance by JA Konrath

Goodreads Synopsis:

One year ago, a young woman checked into a small bed-and-breakfast in the hills of West Virginia. She was never seen again . . .

Tonight, the Rushmore Inn will host four new guests who bear striking similarities to the woman who disappeared. Like her, they are young and beautiful—Iron Woman athletes preparing for a triathlon. Like her, they were forced to come to this godforsaken place when their hotel overbooked. And like her, they will experience the most terrifying night of their lives. But this year will be different. This time the women are fighting back . . .


From bestselling author J.A. Konrath comes a rollercoaster of terror and suspense, a nightmarish ride into the depths of madness that tests the very limits of human endurance . . .

Praise for J.A. Konrath’s thrillers:

“EXCELLENT.” —Lee Child

“UNRELENTING.” —James Rollins


  My Thoughts: The Cover: The cover is so creepy. There’s a silhouette of a house; looks like a big house. But from the silhouettes of the trees, it has a feeling of seclusion and horror. Along the bottom, in small white lettering, it says, “Welcome to relentless fear….” This cover sold me, but after reading the synopsis on the back, I was 100% all in. The Plot: I could not put this book down once I started it. I loved the storyline. There were a lot of characters and in other books like this, I have gotten lost and had trouble tracking the characters. But not with Endurance. My heart was pounding, I could feel the terror and pain. Each mutated monster scared the hell out of me! This was truly a horror novel. Thank the gods for German Shepherds!! The Characters: J.A. Konrath is an expert at crafting characters and then describing them in ways that will scare the hell out of the reader. Even our super strong heroines and heroes of the story were scary in the lengths that they would go to and the pain they were willing to endure for their loved ones. Even Eleanor Roosevelt, my favorite character, was only trying to keep her family alive. Was It Worth Reading?: Yes!! But you may want to keep a light on when you go to sleep. And check under the bed first. And the closet. And keep one ear open to listen for floorboards creaking. I have not been this scared reading a book since Stephen King’s Christine. Endurance was better than a horror movie (oh, please make it into a movie!!) and I give it 5 out of 5 crossbows.

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