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Author Sherry Soule’s DREAM CAST

Today author, Sherry Soule has some exciting news to share with us! The next epic installment of the thrilling Spellbound series, DESTINY DISRUPTED (older YA paranormal romance) has been published.
To help promote these thrilling novels, Sherry is doing this guest post to share the news with fellow booklovers.
So without further ado here are Sherry’s top actor picks...
My kickbutt heroine, Shiloh Trudell is a tough one. For me it is between these lovely and brilliant actresses: Nicole Anderson or Malese Jow.

Quirky, SHILOH (who never leaves the house without her fav hot pink Doc Martens) has a habit of engaging her brain before her mouth. She has seen shadows for as long as she can remember, and they always turn up when something bad is about to happen. Shiloh decides it’s her duty to find out what’s causing the mystical disappearances in Fallen Oaks before the evil claims another innocent life. Yet even as a witch-in-training, is Shiloh worthy to combat the forces of darkness? Or is she just another teen destined to befall the town curse?

For the part of the arrogant playboy, Trent Donovan, I think this dynamic actor / model would be great, Luke Guldan:

After seventeen years, TRENT and his father return to Fallen Oaks and are instantly under speculation. Especially when construction on their mansion awakens an ancient evil, and the vanishing of a local teen has everyone murmuring about an old witch’s curse. When Trent meets Shiloh—sparks fly. Shiloh and Trent have an almost instant connection. As their friendship changes from mutual lust to real affection, they achieve an emotional closeness rarely found. He finds Shiloh’s willful determination a challenge, but he still has a hard time expressing his feelings. Will Trent be able to survive the town curse in time to tell Shiloh how he feels?  

For Shiloh’s so-called mother, Darrah, I like this amazing actress: Kelly Lee Carlson (she would be so freakin’ perfect).

Shiloh’s mother, DARRAH BROUSSARD is an incredibly beautiful yet cryptic woman. She has never really been the “motherly” type. When she starts dabbling in Dark Magicks, she slips further away from her family. Darrah has been embracing darkness, and straying from the path of her ancestors. Will the cost of her driving ambition come at a deadly price?

For Shiloh’s father, Jackson Trudell, this wonderful actor might be great: Oded Fehr.

JACKSON TRUDELL is Shiloh’s father, and he only wants peace within his troubled family. He is a kind-hearted man who tends to be swept up in Shiloh’s drama. He does not believe in the supernatural. Not in ghosts or hauntings or mysterious happenings as well as psychic abilities. He thinks the rumors about witches are ridiculous. Still he’s worried that Shiloh will discover his secret. Will he finally find the courage to tell Shiloh the truth about her heritage?

For Shiloh’s sassy best friend, Ariana Parsons, this remarkable actress would be fantastic: Britt Robertson.

Smart and feisty, ARIANA PRESTON is Shiloh’s best friend. Her outgoing nature, along with her snarky and blunt personality are Ariana’s most endearing qualities. Upon learning that Shiloh is actually a powerful thirteenth witch, she dedicates herself to aiding her friend in the battle against evil. But after playing around with the occult, Ariana develops a taste for the dark arts. Will her interest in the Craft only cause more havoc and mayhem in a town that is already cursed by dark magick?

For Anthony Evans, Shiloh’s mentor, I like this gifted actor best: Matt Davis.

ANTHONY EVANS is a Victorian restoration specialist and part-time paranormal investigator, with the gift of Sight. After the death of his wife, he moves in with his brother-in-law, Maxwell Donovan and his nephew, Trent to help cleanse their haunted house. After hiring Shiloh as an assistant, he decides that it’s his duty to educate Shiloh in all things supernatural. But will teaching her magick be enough to stop the evil from killing the other teenagers in town? 

For Shiloh’s brave and loving aunt Lauren, I like this outstanding actress, Sarah Paulson:

LAUREN BROUSSARD wants to help Shiloh deal with her newfound powers. Although, continuous, heated disagreements with her sister, Darrah about Shiloh’s upbringing resulted in her being estranged from the family. But what can Lauren say when Shiloh starts asking questions about the Broussard family’s dark past?

Only one actor comes to mind that could portray the dashing and ruthless, Maxwell Donavon – Australian actor and model, Julian Dana William McMahon:

Millionaire, yuppie, MAXWELL DONOVAN shares his son Trent’s intensity, articulacy, and conviction. Rumors abound after he is accused of murdering his wife. Is he really a heartless killer or is there more to this enigmatic man? 

For the Trendies aka mean girls, Brittany and Kayla, I like these young, talented actresses: Victoria Justice and Olivia Holt:

BRITTANY WITHERIDGE is the mayor’s daughter. She is the Queen Bee at Fallen Oaks High. Always calm and poised, and perfectly coiffed. She is Shiloh’s best frenemy. Brittany is very loyal to her friends while still being independent. When an unstoppable beast invades the town, will Brittany put aside her differences to join forces with Shiloh?

KAYLA BISHOP is Brittany’s best friend and captain of the cheerleading squad. At times, she can be spontaneous or cautious—whatever the situation calls for. She’s tougher than she looks, but can a bit of an airhead. Will Kayla surprise herself with her own insightful contributions to the fight against evil?

Okay, so there you have it, Sherry’s favorite actor picks. If you’ve read the Spellbound series, what actors would you pick for the leading roles?

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Destiny Disrupted (Spellbound, #5)

Hunting Demons is One Thing…Dating Them is Another.
Life sucks for Shiloh Trudell. And being a demon hunter who’s in love with a cocky half-demon makes things even suckier. 
Especially when she discovers that Trent, her sinfully hot boyfriend, is hiding a few dangerous secrets. Like the fact that he’s losing his humanity. 
To complicate matters, witches from the local coven are mysteriously turning up dead, and as Shiloh searches for answers, she confronts her worst nightmare…Trent is being blackmailed into becoming the next leader of the Underworld.
But Shiloh is still convinced that she can save him, even after the impossibly gorgeous, fallen angel Raze tells her that a relationship with Trent is forbidden now. Warned to stay away from the only boy she’s ever loved, she can’t ignore the sizzling attraction that ignites whenever they’re around one another. Especially after a swoon-inducing night of stolen passion.
As Shiloh’s world begins to unravel around her, it soon becomes obvious that her destiny lies in one of two choices: vanquish Trent or join him in the Underworld.

DESTINY DISRUPTED (book 5) now available!

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