Friday, September 16, 2016

The Spirit Chaser by Kat Mayer

The Spirit ChaserRelease Date: November 13, 2015
Format: eBook
Pages: 442
Genre: Suspense, Horror
Series: The Spirit Chasers #1
Source: NetGalley

Goodreads Synapsis:
Some places are too evil. Some places should be left alone.

Austin Cole has it made. Star of the hit television show Spirit Chaser Investigations, he has become the world’s most famous paranormal investigator. Although hard work, a talented investigation team, and favorable genetics have something to do with it, it’s his lack of fear and willingness to take risks no one else will that make Spirit Chaser Investigations cable’s number-one show. When a ghost-hunt-gone-wrong seriously injures his best friend and lead psychic, Austin is forced to find a replacement for a team member he considers irreplaceable.

Casey Lawson can’t catch a break. She’s been on her own since she turned eighteen and is scraping by as a part-time psychic and cashier at a New Age store. When a desperate Austin Cole calls her up and offers her a position on his team, has her fortune finally changed?

He’s a control freak; she’s stubborn and opinionated. It takes time, but when they finally realize they’re working on the same side, everything clicks, both on and off screen. 

Just when things are looking up, a new threat emerges. Over the years, Austin has angered plenty of demons, and one of them has set her sights on him. Now he’s the one in danger, and it’s up to the team to rescue him from the riskiest investigation of their lives. 

My Thoughts:

The Cover: I loved the cover for this one! A creepy old mansion graces the cover and was enough for me to decide I wanted to read it.  I barely read the synapse. I went looking for a good horror to fill a void and The Spirit Chaser jumped out at me.

The Plot: Holy crap what a story! This was one of those edge of your seat, nail biting dramas that was filled with so much more. The story line moved well and was very engaging. I loved every second.  There were times when my heart stopped and I found myself thinking can this situation get any worse,  can this book get any better.  And Kat did not fail to shock me.  

The Characters: At first I hated both of our main characters. I knew there must be underlying reasons why she was so withdrawn and standoffish.  And he was a huge tv star so that's why he was such an egotistical jerk.  But,  while Casey's story was a pretty typical story of a nerd,  Austin was a little more tragic.  They both became a little dearer to me as the story went one.  But for me it was really the supporting characters that stole the show,  Ti and Josie were absolutely my favorite. I love Barrett as well.  

Is it Worth Reading?:  Absolutely!!  Doesn't matter which genre you are into,  they are covered.  You got romance,  sci-fi,  drama, horror and it's all good. This is book 1 of The Spirit Chasers,  so I am excited for further stories.  But I highly recommend The Spirit Chaser and give it 5 out of 5 crossbows! 

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