Sunday, January 12, 2014

First Episode of Bitten- Summons Appears Last Night!!

Still of Greg Bryk, Joel Keller, Peter Myers, Paulino Nunes, Laura Vandervoort, Greyston Holt, Michael Xavier and Steve Lund in Bitten (2014)Wow!! What an episode!! After waiting a very long time, through rumors of movies, then nothing, but blind faith that someone was going to see the genius in Kelley Armstrong's Women of the Otherworld Series, it finally happened!! Episode 1 aired last night!

Still of Laura Vandervoort in Bitten (2014)As with any book that is brought to life, when they first announced the cast of Bitten, I was a bit apprehensive. I didn't know if any of the actors or actresses chosen could possible live up to the characters they were to play. First response, my very first emotion, was disappointment. I did not like Laura Vandervoort as Elena Michaels. She was just not who I saw as my absolutely favorite female protagonist. Granted that would be a huge role to slip into, right? To be fair, I would not have any idea who I would cast as Elena, so who am I to be so critical? I didn't like her for the first little bit of the episode, but by the end, I loved her. I think she did a fair job playing the only female werewolf, who was trying to get out from underneath the pack and live a normal life. She hates that part of herself, curses the man who did this to her, and just wants to forget what happened and go back to life pre-werewolf.

Still of Greg Bryk in Bitten (2014)The men chosen to play the various other characters did, in my opinion, very well playing their parts. I had always pictured Johnny Depp as Jeremy Danvers, just do to his very eccentric nature and we all know those are the parts that Johnny pulls off best. But Greg Bryk brought Jeremy's calm, mature, alpha power to the forefront. I liked his portrayal of an alpha who was just so confident in the hierarchy of his pack, that he knew they would do what he requested without the need to resort to anger or other emotion.

Still of Greyston Holt in Bitten (2014)I liked the look of Greyston Holt for Clayton Danvers, but again was not convinced that he could portray Clay just right. From what I have seen so far, he definitely has the ability. Right from the first scene in his class, with the female students visibly attracted to him and possibly his power, he still held himself apart. He had this whole, "Yes, I see you; I see your reaction to me, but I don't want anything more to do with you than I have to." attitude. His reaction to Elena was so absolutely perfect as well, like he was almost in awe of her. I am going to enjoy watching Greyston Holt bring the real Clayton Danvers to life for us.

I was honestly disappointed with the werewolves. I did like that they showed the actual change, but I just didn't like the way it was portrayed. In my humble opinion, I felt that with all the technology we have now, the change could have been shown a little better. Maybe a little messier is the word I am looking for. At least, when Elena and Logan changed, it looked horribly painful; not a pleasant experience to go through at all. But I think the wolves themselves looked way too much like a computer image. I imagined something much bigger and scarier!

Summons (2014) PosterAll in all, the complete experience was amazing! The actors and actresses did a fantastic job; the story followed the book, without revealing too much, too fast. The end of the episode literally left me speechless, thinking, "It's over?"  Bitten is definitely at the top of my watch list; as it promises to be filled with the action, drama and paranormal fantasy that got me hooked on this series and I look forward to watching the development of this totally kick-ass story!

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