Friday, January 10, 2014

Welcome to Becca's Book Affair

Hi and thanks for popping in; I always love company! Especially if you want to talk about books! That's what this blog is about......mostly.  First, a little about your hostess, me.....I am a really busy mom of 4, but I promise this blog will not be about teething, sleepless nights or chicken pocks; not saying those things don't deserve a blog. Just say-this is not it! 
Reading is my addiction, and I love to share. My addiction is satisfied by many genres, so this will be a little eclectic. (Can I say that here? I was told that eclectic should be saved for crazy old men, or was it eccentric old men? lol)  Anyway, I love paranormal, mystery, adventure, but just about anything will feed the addiction. Some of my favorite authors are Kelley Armstrong, Laurell K. Hamilton, Nora Roberts, Patricia Briggs, Katie McGarry, Sherrilyn Kenyon, Kira Snyder, and Anne Rice. Series that I love are the Women of the Underworld, Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter, Mercy Thompson, Parish Mail, Shatter Me, and The Mortal Instruments, even before it became a movie. I like to read things before seeing the movie, but sometimes this sadly leads to disappointment.
A point of interest, I am so very excited for Bitten, Kelley Armstrong's new t.v series, starting on Saturday. Based on my absolute favorite werewolves, I am waiting to see if the actors picked can pull off their characters. So watch for my review on that and don't hesitate to let me know what you think about Bitten, any of my reviews or even just to share some comments, funny stories, whatever. Renember, I said I like company!  

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